In-Season Consulting

(Starting at $500 per month)

In-Season Consulting will provide you with continual soil and crop mineral nutrition support through the season.

It goes far beyond balancing soil by continually analyzing the nutritional status of the plant and making adjustments through the season. With continual soil and plant testing, I help identify the physiological bottlenecks of the system that are creating yield loss, quality decline, or excess pest and disease pressure.

Using precision plant testing, I help track your crop’s nutritional status through the season and apply customized foliars to avoid hidden hungers that reduce photosynthesis and performance.

The Process

1. Onboarding

Comprehensive onboarding process through a full-farm nutritional audit. This will involve three separate soil tests, a biological test, an irrigation water test, and plant tests. It will also involve a deep dive into the current fertility plan, your production system, and any issues that you’re facing.

2. Pre-Season Recommendations

  • Soil Analysis and Amendment Recommendations—A full analysis with amendment recommendations.

  • Irrigation Analysis and Recommendations—A full analysis focused on potential irrigation-related problems such as mineral toxicity, sodicity, infiltration issues, and alkalinity. Recommendations focus on water quality improvements as well as pH changes (based on a target pH or alkalinity).

  • Soil Health Recommendations—Additional biological and carbon analysis with cultural recommendations such as cover cropping or biological feeding.

3. Ongoing Precision Nutritional Planning

This is the true core of the program. Soluble paste tests and plant sap tests will be taken simultaneously bi-monthly or monthly through the growing season. From these tests, I provide:

  • A continually-updated Soil Solution Model and Plant Model

  • Fertility plan recommendations and changes based on plant health

  • Foliar recommendations including suggested chelators, biostimulants, humic acids, and inoculants.

4. Physical Identification

Help diagnosing physical deficiencies and excesses.

5. Phone Support

Phone support to address challenges, answer questions, troubleshoot soil and crop nutritional issues, or simply check in about how things are going.


In-Person Consulting

($750/day + travel expenses if applicable)

As a continuation or kick-off to consulting, in-person farm visits involve travel to the farm. This allows me to dive deeper into diagnosing soil and crop health.

1. Physical Soil Tests

Water infiltration, compaction, and aggregate stability tests are all be taken on-site to better understand the whole soil system and make better management recommendations for improved soil health.

2. Training

It is critical to pull leaf and soil samples correctly for good results. In-person visits allow me to train farm staff on the S.O.P.’s behind these tests.

3. Education

On-site visits can include education on soil and crop mineral nutrition, amendment education, as well as crop-specific nutrition education.

4. Tailored Help

Whether it’s help diagnosing a specific problem, figuring out how to use existing equipment, or getting more information about a major organic transition, in-person visits help me gather as much information as possible in order to help as much as possible.