Get in-depth recommendations on soil, irrigation, and plant tests

  • Soil - $40

  • Water - $15

  • Plant Sap or Tissue - $25

    *Prices do not include the price of the lab tests. Discounts apply for multiple analysis.   


Soil Analysis

Do you have a soil test but don’t know how to utilize the power of the data?

The Soil Analysis will provide you with actionable recommendations about your soil. Price includes in-depth recommendations from a standard test, soluble paste test, or both.

All soil reports must be from Logan Labs. Please inquire about our Logan Labs submission sheet—there are a few critical details to follow in order to maximize the test’s accuracy. Each report includes:

  1. General Notes—notes on the health of the soil and key takeaways

  2. Mineral Analysis—visual analysis in graphical form

  3. Recommendations—organic amendment recommendations

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Water Analysis

A water analysis is absolutely critical to do in conjunction with soil analysis. Your irrigation water influences the soil solution more than anything else, making it one of the best investments you can make to improve your crop health.

Water tests are inexpensive but the results are often difficult to interpret. My analysis includes:

  1. General Notes—notes on the general status of your irrigation water, identification of problems, and predictive measures on how irrigation with influence soil

  2. Mineral Analysis—all mineral levels from test and additional calculated metrics with a indication of their level

  3. Acid addition recommendations to lower pH—if alkalinity is high, acid application recommendations to reduce alkalinity (and pH)

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Plant Sap Analysis (or Tissue Analysis)

Plant sap analysis is the most powerful test a grower can perform. It provides immense insight into what is actually happening within the plant. Sap recommendations are improved dramatically when done in conjunction with water and soil analysis. If your crop value is over $1,000, this test is highly recommended to improve crop quality and profitability.

My recommendations will identify major bottlenecks in the plant’s physiological system by analyzing the sap mineral concentrations between the new and old growth of the plant.

The best way to learn more about the power of plant sap analysis is by getting your first test completed.

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