Eden’s Blue Gold

The base of Blue Gold products is a combination of 80 herbs, 15 minerals, 20 clays, and 23 ocean extracts. It is cold processed into a liquid organic solution that is highly plant available.

The manufacturing process of this product aligns and enhances the electrical charges of the base materials, enhancing cellular penetration dramatically via charge. The charge of the product also gathers insoluble nutrients in the soil into solution, maximizing the availability of existing soil nutrients.

The Blue Gold base has natural surfactant properties from plant saponins. It has bio stimulating effects, and can be used in both feed solutions and as a foliar spray with no worries of tip or flower burn at any stage of growth.  

I think of this product as the following…

An organic, soluble, highly plant available source of mineral nutrition, with biostimulant effects.

The Base of Blue Gold can be used on any crop throughout the entire cycle due to its beneficial effects. Unlike many products, it can be applied at any temperature and at any time of day. However, it is best applied early in the morning when the humidity is the highest.

The product seems most effective when you follow fertigation with a foliar application.

The reason I carry these products is because Blue Gold is the only line of organic products that provides ultimate precision with plant nutrition, without the negative effects of chelation agents and synthetic chemistry. They are certified NOP complaint through Oregon Tilth.

Eden’s Full Product Line

For each of their individual products, the base blend is infused with specific minerals.

  • Blue Gold Iron

  • Blue Gold Boron

  • Blue Gold Copper

  • Blue Gold Selenium

  • Blue Gold Moly

  • Blue Gold Zinc

  • Blue Gold Manganese

  • Blue Gold Cobalt

  • Blue Gold Nickel

  • Blue Gold Silica

  • Blue Gold Super Phos 23

  • Blue Gold Cal King

  • Blue Gold Super Mag

  • Blue Gold Cal-Si

  • Blue Gold Special K


Additional Products:

  • *Blue Gold Base Blend

  • *Blue Gold Super SuperCarb

  • *Blue Gold Fusion Veg

  • *Blue Gold Fusion Bloom

  • Blue Gold pH Up & pH Down

  • Blue Gold Tea Starter

  • Blue Gold Carbon (Detox)

  • Blue Gold GRM Micros

  • Blue Gold Oli-Sil

  • Blue Gold C4 Calcium


*These products are used as the foundation of every program.

Like the Base Blend, the specific organic minerals are electrically charged, making them highly plant available.

Most soil minerals and raw minerals applied as amendments—such as iron sulfate—are not fully plant available. They are in oxidation states that require additional biological action to change their electrical charge for plant availability. Blue Gold minerals are in the correct electrical state for plant uptake and metabolic use.

Combined with the Blue Gold Base mix, the effect can be highly effective if it’s used correctly. That last part is the key.

How I Suggest Using These Products

I highly recommend these products in conjunction with frequent laboratory plant sap analysis.

While I suggest using the Base Blend, Super Carb, and Fusion throughout the entire season, I do not recommend any of the mineral products without justification from the sap analysis. This level of precision is the best way to absolutely maximize plant health, while saving money by avoiding unnecessary product applications. This approach also takes the guess work out of plant nutrition.  

Laboratory plant sap analysis looks at mineral concentrations in the xylem and phloem, not the minerals that have already been fixed into the plant tissues. The results show real-time mineral interactions, concentrations, and gradients between new and old growth. This data reveals imbalances and “hidden hunger” far more accurately and quickly than reading physical plant symptoms. This reduces the guess work in addressing imbalances that rob profitability.


CAUTIONS! 4 Situations When Blue Gold Can Produce Negative Effects

1. When Using IPM Products

If you are using conventional IPM products such as GreenCleaner, it’s very important to proceed with Blue Gold very cautiously. Blue Gold’s power is in its ability to bind with other available molecules, directly and instantly pulling them into the plant via osmosis. This positive effect can become problematic if toxins—which have been lying dormant on the leaves and plant structure from previous foliar applications—are brought into the plant in sudden large quantities. Growers have reported leaf “burning” after Blue Gold application for this very reason when the Blue Gold encounters dormant chemicals. If any IPM products have been used on the plants with possible residual, please contact me directly for application instructions. The Blue Gold by itself does not burn.


2. When Using a Salt-Based Fertility Program

Salt-based feed programs always accumulate nutrient salts in the growing media. When Blue Gold is applied, they immediately pull these accumulated nutrients back into instant availability. This can produce a massive flush of dormant salts that can have a very negative osmotic effect on plants, an “overdose”. If you are using salt-based products, please contact me directly before using any Blue Gold products.


3. When Using an Existing Liquid Nutrient Program or High NPK Soils

The most common mistake when using Blue Gold products is not reducing the existing quantity of your other feed products. If you are using an existing liquid nutrient program (ex: Nectar of the Gods), it must be reduced significantly (75% to 95%) when used in conjunction with Blue Gold products. Nutrients tend to accumulate in your soil, and Blue Gold will pull them back into solution very aggressively. In this way, Blue Gold may increase the efficiency of your existing fertility program, but over-application can lead to osmotic stress or “collapse” from the on-rush of NPK. The solution is to slowly build up Blue Gold application rates while moving your other feed sources down. Alternatively, cut your feed concentrations by up to 95% when you start to use Blue Gold. The same applies to highly-loaded, non-organic soils such as FoxFarm. This is a benefit if used slowly—your feed can be drastically reduced when used in conjunction with Blue Gold. In true natural organic environments you do not have to reduce the rates.


4. When Soil Paste pH (Soil + Irrigation Water Slurry) is Not Balanced

The soil slurry must be at a pH very close to 6.4 for Blue Gold to function most effectively. The danger here is not crop burning or failure, but rather product ineffectiveness and wasted money.

Targeting the pH like this is a blessing and a curse. The curse is that getting your soil paste to 6.4 is a task that requires diligence and patience—in other words, more work. It requires analysis of both your soil solution and irrigation water in combination, and appropriate adjustments. The blessing is that plant health will skyrocket once your soil paste consistently hovers around 6.4. (Aside from using Blue Gold, achieving this is one of the most worthwhile tasks in your operation). According to the Blue Gold Manufacturer, every 0.1 unit of pH away from 6.4 reduces the product efficiency 9%. If you think about this in monetary terms, it’s very compelling. A pH of 7.0 equates to a 54% loss of available P, Si, S, and micronutrients.

Blue Gold
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