Working with me

I run a small consulting practice specializing in soil and crop mineral nutrition. I take a highly data-driven approach that illuminates the hidden bottlenecks preventing greater crop quality and yield. My approach gives you much greater control of your crop health through nutrition. Learn more >


New to Soil Doctor? Start here.

The best way to start working with me is to get a full audit of your soil and plant status. With this, I will deliver in-depth recommendations you can implement immediately.

In-Season Fertility Plan Adjustments

Using the results of multiple tests, I create an analytical model of your soil solution. I then make recommendations on how to adjust your fertility plan to maximize crop health.

Full-Season Consulting

Using laboratory sap analysis, I work with you through the season to take complete control over your system’s mineral nutrition. Using a data-driven approach to tracking crop status, I customize your fertility program and craft precision foliar sprays to maximize the things that make you more money.